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futsuko's Journal

futsuko's Journal
The purpose of this blog is improve my English skill.


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Once Again
I start writing my English blog again.
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Koichi appeared on 'UTABAN'. He performed his solo debut song,'Deep in your heart'. It was great performance. I enjoyed watching it.
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Original Smile
My friend and I decided to go to Osaka to meet Kanjani8 members.
After 8 hours drive, we could meet them and shake hands with them.
I could tell them what I wanted to say to them. It was very excited and fun for me. The trip was really tough for me because I had to drive all day long. However, I had a great time. It was a great memory of my life.
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Happy day!
I got on the First train of the day with my friend to meet Kanjani8 members. I arraived at around 5:30. Then we stood in the line. We could meet them at around 8am. Ryo-chan wasn't there, however, I enjoyed to talk with other members. First I shook hands with Yasuda-kun, Maru-chan and Yokoyama-kun. Then I shook hands with Yasuda-kun, Hina-chan and Yokoyama-kun at the second time.
I could tell them what I wanted to talk. I had a great time.
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From PC
I bought one CD today. The title is "Sukiyanen, Osaka".

This is test entry from my PC.

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14-SEP-2005 Journal
It is difficult to explain my feeling in English.
However, I will try to do it.
Because my English teacher advised me that I should keep a daily journal if I want to improve my English skill.
He recommended to take notes what I did everyday.
Anyway, shall I start (^^)????

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Drama Day
I wake up at 5:30 am. Then I copy TV programs from HDD to DVD-RAM, because I need some more space to record tonight's TV Dramas. Two favorite dramas,"Umizaru" and "Ganbatte ikimasshoi" were the final, tonight. However, I have only 2 hours space in HDD. So, during taking a shower, I copied the last night program to DVD-RAM. Finally, I could make 7 hours space. Then I registered 2 dramas and Tuesday's Special program.

I got to home at around 9:00 pm. Then I checked my recorder started to record. Then I cooked my meal.
I tried to see the dramas with meal. But I could not do it. Because I could not help crying. So, I could not eat anything.
After watching dramas, I was very tired to cry. These dramas were great....
"Ganbatte..." brings good memories to me. I remembers a lot of good memories when I was a high school student.
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The Last day of Golden Week
I decided to write this diary in English for my study.
Today is the last day of golden week.
I need to go grossary store to buy some food for
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